In a world where everyone's got an opinion and most people strive to be like everybody else, we do motherhood our own damn way.

The journey of being a mother is meant to be the most beautiful, divine, expansive and peaceful period of our lives. Where we feel fully supported in all ways, always. So that's what we've created. A powerful, blissful life completely on our own terms.


This is exactly why I created Raising Paradise


What we're all about...


Raising Paradise Guides You Back to Your Souls Deepest Dreams, Wishes, Values and Desires For How Your Life Is Actually Meant to Be Lived. Unlocking the Path to Creating Your Own Dream Motherhood.
We Teach You How to Dance Between Your Most Important Roles (Woman & Mother) with Ease and Grace - So That Your Entire Life Flows Harmoniously and Perfectly Synced With Your Own Peaceful Rhythm.
Because you're not "just" a mother, or just a woman, you are every-fucking-thing! And that deserves a solid fucking plan and a glorious support system put into place to ensure maximum peace, flow, strength clarity, energy and magical fun.

We're creating heaven on earth. Become the woman who leads the whole family into a life of pure bliss.

What she said…

“I joined Raising Paradise as a way to give myself some support in motherhood and to connect to other women, to be part of a sisterhood. And boy, did I stumble across something great! Raising Paradise is a wonderful community of support, acceptance and possibly. I look forward to our monthly meetings and the assignments that make me think, reflect and change! Not only is Taru an unwavering advocate for us to grow but she provides so much support and resources to empower us as women to live to our greatest heights. Taru has taken the time to answer all my questions and to provide so much detail and love. I can not recommend this program more highly. Warning - only join if you are ready to change your life!!!”

Laura, Miami

What you get

  • One monthly soulful ceremony a' 90 min on the topic of the month (60 min ceremony, 30 min conversation/Q&A - get all of your questions answered live).

  • Daily support inside of the private Telegram group. We're open 24/7. This is where you'll get to know all of the other amazing mothers from around the world, and support each other in whatever you may go through. Celebrate your wins and soak up the energy of all the powerful mothers living their best lives and notice how similar daily challenges we all have. Taru is present in here Tuesdays and Fridays every week for support, activations and inspiration. 

  • Weekly supportive work will be uploaded into the private group to help hold you accountable for becoming the best you and doing the work that will support you the most. This includes assignments, guided meditations and so much more.

Choose your payment option:




  • Monthly payments
  • 1 heart opening and mind expanding ceremony with Taru and your other soul sisters each month
  • Private Sisterhood group for the most liberating conversations and support through whatever comes up for you in motherhood
  • 12 months commitment

6 Months


  • Takes your monthly investment down to $93
  • 1 heart opening and mind expanding ceremony on zoom each month
  • Private Sisterhood group for the most liberating conversations and support through whatever comes up for you in motherhood
  • 12 months commitment, pay every 6 months

12 Months Pay In Full


  • Best offer ($74/month)
  • 1 heart opening and mind expanding ceremony on zoom each month
  • Private Sisterhood group for the most liberating conversations and support through whatever comes up for you in motherhood
  • BONUS: One 1:1 coaching call of 45 min with Taru to kickstart our magical journey together

What she said…

“Prior to working with Taru I was feeling so disconnected in motherhood. I desired to be a present mama and to connect with my children in peace, love and play. Yet, I found it so difficult with my mind consumed with other areas of life that needed attention (or so I thought.) I easily became inpatient and craved alone time for some quietness. After only a month in Raising Paradise, I am a NEW woman, a NEW mother! I understand that what I lacked was a connection within myself. And understanding of my needs as a wife and woman, so I could show up for my babies as the gentle, patient mother a yearned to be. The woman I knew I was deep down! If you are looking to feel supported in these desires with an amazing global sisterhood look no further. Taru’s magical mentorship style is unlike anything I’ve ever worked with!”

Jenn, Las Vegas

This is Your Portal to the Most Peaceful, Rich and Nourished Motherhood. And the Sisterhood Your Soul has Longed for.


What she said…

"It's amazing when you meet people on your journey who share the same approach to motherhood - those you can be inspired by, share struggles with, and talk to about anything. Taru is a great mom who respects her child just as much as she respects herself. This is what I was lacking and needed. As a new mom, giving everything to my daughter meant I forgot about my own needs. Taru sets an example that you can have both. Taru is a truly loving mom who shows and teaches her son the magic of life. In 'Raising Paradise,' she shows us how to implement it into our own lives. It has truly changed my life. Knowing I have support inside of 'Raising Paradise' is something very special to me." 

Kasia, Barcelona