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Sooner than you could ever imagine


Your Most Blissed out Version of Self is the Path to Unfathomable Magnetism

When a woman frees her soul and she's no longer hiding, holding back, playing small, acting from fear, settling for less or keeping her gifts and her magic all within herself - she liberates the vibration of her authentic soul.

Proudly embodying your full authentic expression while claiming all that you came here to have commands the universe to rapidly reorganize itself in favour of your deepest dreams and desires.

Living wholly and passionately as Your Own Highest Standard is the gateway to your rebirth as The One.

Nothing can stop the woman who gives herself full permission to fearlessly and unapologetically BE who she was always meant to become, and HAVE everything she ever dream of.

You are a Masterful Creator and it is time for you to live the life of a thousand magnificent dreams.


"Taru has helped me find the magic again. I can't with words describe what this time working with her has meant to me. This is an investment far more valuable than I could describe in words. It's a key to your inner happiness, meaning and magical wisdom.

Stina, Geneva

Imagine this...

You wake up each morning drunk in love with life. Filled with curiosity and excitement about all the magic and miracles you're about to experience.

Knowing that you're in control, nothing in life has any power over you. You are The One - royally pampered by life just for being you.

Staying in the present moment is easy because life is easy for you. You're no longer getting stuck in negative narratives that used to distract you from staying in the right, blissful vibration. All the self sabotage and procrastination is long gone.

You keep manifesting everything you desire with ease, speed and grace. Never worrying about when or how they will happen, fully trusting everything is always working to your advantage. 

You are deeply connected to yourself and your inner world. Clearly hearing the voice of your soul and intuition. Honouring your own pace and flow, no longer rushing, stressing and overwhelming yourself. But also knowing exactly when to take soul inspired action.

You are free...

THIS is the reality of the Magnetic Woman

It is time to remember who you truly are...


I welcome you into


the portal of frequency expansion and soul liberation

For women that desire to live the sacred life of infinite magic and miracles. Commanding every wish into being as the powerful creator that you are, using the easiest and the most effective way to manifest. Being held, mentored and supported as you claim your right to have it all. Completely transform your frequency and your point of attraction to manifest insane levels of abundance and everything your heart desires.


"Magnetic is a true collective of sisters with a level of support and attention from Taru that I have never known before. I'm so grateful to be part of this amazing community!" 

Jenn, Las Vegas


"I finally understand what it means to be magnetic, Taru shows it by example, and her sharing her victories and failures has been so inspiring. Taru helped me work through my blockages and triggers related to my family, to self worth and to receiving abundance. I finally understand what my triggers/fears are, where they come from, and how to deal with limiting situations that had been ongoing for years. Which has completely changed everything and opened up pathways to wealth and abundance that I could have never imagined for myself!"

Kasia, Barcelona


Taru is an awesome manifestation coach. She has given me tools and resources that I can use to help change my reality. I received a $20,000 gift that I was never expecting and have continued receiving coming different amounts from different sources and circumstances. Taru helped me not to self-sabotage and be in the right frequency. Thanks so much, Taru! It was not by accident that I found you."

Nikki, Clearwater, FL
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What you get

  • Proven Roadmap
    Taru's precise methodology for manifesting is unparalleled. You'll quickly notice how every area of your life transforms and improves at quantum speed. It's because we have untangled from all the false narratives and work with the truth of your soul in combination with the truth of the universe. Working with truth, nothing can stand in your way of getting what you want.

  • Monthly Power Session / Spiritual Circle + Q&A
    40 min live call on zoom the final Tuesday of each month. Come ready to ask Taru all of your burning questions on reality creation, manifestation and staying magnetic. Get prepared for potent activations and breakthroughs as she holds nothing back!

  • Private Community
    Dive into our flourishing, nourishing private community on Telegram for your daily dose of inspiration. This is where we hold you accountable to being Her, the woman who already has everything she desires. Ask questions, be supported in your challenges and celebrate your wins with your sisters from around the world. Unique downloads and channeled messages from Taru for your personal expansion.

  • Living Library of Guided Meditations & Sound Activations
    For every moment you need support, for every emotion you're moving through, for every next level you are calibrating to - there's a meditation for it inside of the Living Library.

Ready to meet your unfathomably magnetic self? Choose your payment option:




  • Monthly payments
  • 1 live Q&A with Taru each month
  • Private Sisterhood group for support
  • Living Library of Guided Meditations & Sound Activations
  • 12 months commitment

6 Months


  • Takes your monthly investment down to $185
  • 1 live Q&A with Taru each month for 6 months
  • Private Sisterhood group for support
  • Living Library of Guided Meditations & Sound Activations
  • BONUS: Complimentary access to Taru's world renowned manifestation course Activate Limitless Abundance

Pay In Full


  • Membership and support locked in for the whole year. This is for the Queens that know the energetic power of Big, Bold Moves
  • Best offer, only $175/month
  • BONUS: Complimentary access to Taru's world renowned manifestation course Activate Limitless Abundance
  • BONUS: Access to every Masterclass + Mini-Course that Taru is releasing in the coming 12 months
  • VIP 1st access to book your ticket to Taru's Magnetic Queen Retreat in Ibiza in April 2024 and Morocco in the winter of 2024

"Magnetic is life altering and juicy! Focusing on myself, my inner work, my dreams has been just the medicine I was looking for. Not only is Taru an unwavering advocate for us to grow but she provides so much support and resources to empower us as women to live to our greatest heights. As a beginner in manifestation, Taru has taken the time to answer all my questions and to provide so much detail and love. I can not recommend this program more highly. Warning - only join if you are ready to change your life!!!

Laura, Miami


When signing up for 6 or 12 months

BONUS - Activate Limitless Abundance

The manifestation course that has changed the lives of hundreds. Get onboard as Taru takes you through the entire process of manifesting whatever your heart desires with the Law of Assumption (the Law of Attraction is terribly limiting).  Value: $199


Meet your teacher

Hi, I'm Taru

Nothing has changed my life as has learning the art of manifestation. Ever since I was a child, I have manifested things without knowing what it was called, or that there even was a word to describe what came so naturally to me. I wanted something, I asked for it, and sooner or later it always showed up.

Later on, as for so many spiritual seekers, there comes a time when we are lead to question our beliefs, and we may for a time give up our faith in magic altogether. That happened to me.

Too many seemingly negative and challenging situations stacked on top of each other, coupled with the fact that I had a partner who certainly didn't believe in manifestation - made me drop the concept altogether.

That is until one mysteriously mystical and life changing day, as I sat down for my very first Ayahuasca ceremony. I was given the clear instruction on how to change my reality. I was shown how everything that had ever happened prior to this moment, was a result of the programming that I had received in my early life. And that I could change my programming if I so desired!

I found the key to my dreams

I was shown how to break the old patterns and begin to manifest deliberately instead of unconsciously. And that was the starting point of my 10 year training in becoming (or rather returning to) the Magnetic Goddess that I have always been deep within. And which you my love, is also.

In order for me to fully anchor in the mystical knowledge and teaching that I have gathered on my path, I have had to go through many ups and downs and literal rock-bottoms. So trust me when I say, I know exactly how to get you out of whatever funk you may find yourself in.

I can say with all of my heart and 100% conviction that I today know exactly how to manifest any change you desire. And it certainly doesn't have to take much time at all (my clients and I often manifest new desires within a few short days). All it comes down to are you willing to release the old parts of you in order to become the super-power that is your true self? Are you ready to expand your capacity to receive at a much higher level of existence?

If you are, then I can't wait to meet you and support you in turning all your dreams into reality.  

My process has taken me from parentless, raised in an orphanage, low self esteem, feelings of unworthiness, poor money mindset - to living my absolute dream life, making multiple 6-figures with ease and so much fun, doing what I absolutely love, having home bases in Costa Rica, Ibiza and Sicily. All the while serving my soul mate clients and living the time of my life. A life entirely designed around my (and my child's!) greatest wishes and dreams.

Yes I could claim like many do that I am a "Self-Made-Woman"... but the truth is...  I have been entirely supported by spirit, God, the universe every step on the way. Even when I was yet too immature and unconscious to acknowledge that.

Now it's your turn. And I'm excited to guide and support you as you reclaim your sovereign right to manifest all of your deepest dreams and desires with the utmost effortlessness and flow.

Taru xx

Unleash your hidden power as you step into a world where dreams fuel reality and where your imagination can change the course of your entire life, in an instant...

"I have made so much money in the last month alone of working with Taru it doesn't even feel possible... but it IS! An unexpected $250K during the first couple of weeks to be exact!! I've been working for 2 years now on my money beliefs and mindset and just general energy around money. Working with Taru has finally made it click. I feel such incredible relief and gratitude. It's like I have unlocked lifetimes of blocks. If you too stumbled across Taru, know that it is NO ACCIDENT. There are no coincidences, only magic. Trust me that she's going to unlock absolute miracles into your world!" 

Lily, Miami

Frequently Asked Questions

This is for you if:

  • You know you are the Divine in Human Form, and that within you lives the potential to create any life you desire.
  • You are ready to make the moves and create the changes necessary to ascend to your souls true authenticity and most magnetic expression.
  • You are ready to go beyond the basics in Manifestation.
  • You are ready to take full ownership of your life.
  • You are ready to become a treasured member of a deep and beautiful sisterhood of other magnificent women.

This isn't for you if:

  • You are not ready to take radical responsibility for your life and your manifestations.
  • You are not ready to welcome and embody a higher frequency reality.
  • You are not ready to lead yourself.

"Within you lives the power of Extraordinary Magic. No matter how long it's been suppressed, it's here to serve you now."

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I'm finally living as my own highest version of myself! Taru has been able to read ME through my own lines of self-doubt, fear and low vibrational self talk. She was able to acknowledge the moments where I WAS in alignment with my Higher Self and in those, she has pushed me to reach for the person that I really dreamed of being, and hold on tighter than I even believed I could!"

Tiffany, San Diego


If you decide to work with Taru, she will hold your hand with fierce love all the way till the very end. And give you an invaluable experience of feeling held and supported no matter what. If you are ready to uncover all the parts of you that are in resistance, she will be your perfect guide!"

Amrita, Mallorca
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