Complete freedom is your birthright


You did not come here to follow rules made by individuals who does not know you nor have your best interest at heart. You were born free and free is what you should remain. How you wish to live your life and raise your children is 100% up to you. Nobody knows better than you what you and your family need.


"Taru is a huge inspiration and living proof to me that everything is possible!”


We wake up when we want to

We learn what interests us

We travel the world

We build and run businesses together

We play, explore, go on adventures, do whatever we want for the day

Because we can

Because we have claimed the life we were born to live


I'm often asked, Taru how do you do it? Running a business, serving so many people, hosting programs and events, traveling all around the world - while educating your child as a single mother?

And it's really easy to answer..

I just follow my heart

There is no other option for me.

To thrive as a human being we must allow our hearts to lead.

If I want my child to trust his heart and his intuition, I must lead by example.

I cannot teach him what it means to be a sovereign human being if I submit to following rules that I do not believe in nor support with my whole heart.

I have not read one pregnancy book or about homebirth, not one book on how to raise a child, no books on homeschooling or unschooling. I didn't ask anybody for advice.  I just always knew....

I knew I was going to deliver Rowan at home, unmedicated, with no medical staff, only family.

I knew I was not going to put my child into school.

I knew we were going to travel the world.

I knew I was going to (continue to) write my own damn rules. Also as a mother. In fact, even more so then.

"Taru is one of the most inspiring role models I know of. Whenever I stand before a scary decision or when life challenges me to be more of my true, authentic self, I always think to myself: "What would Taru do?". I have learned so much from following Taru over the years, and more recently after having worked together as her private client. She has helped me become much more brave in my way of parenting and making my own soul aligned decisions. While actively setting boundaries and canceling out the naysayers that anyway do not understand the life and legacy I'm here to build. Thank you Taru for everything!"


It's important to me that Rowan gets a rich, varied upbringing and insight into life. This means we do everything that lights us up:

Sometimes we go fine dining at michelin star restaurants, other times we're having the simplest fish tacos at a beach shack near the surf. We try all sorts of cuisine and eat all types of food. We cook together, and when we stay in a place a bit longer, we usually grow our own food, at the very least tomatoes, herbs and microsprouts.

We go surfing, sailing, camping, horse riding, hiking, ice skating, scootering, swimming and skiing when such opportunities arise.

We read, we meditate, talk business, play chess, manifest and do breathwork together. We practice writing and reading whenever we feel inspired to, and that has proven the most successful way to learn.

We have friends all over the world and often visit their homes, farms, restaurants. We're just enjoying the heck out of this one precious life we have together.


This life is a gift. A gift that keeps on giving. A child should be out there and enjoy it all. Not sit inside day in day out rehearsing mathematics and studying historic wars, following rules and guideliens of people who doesn't genuinely even care about them. A child should spend the majority (if not all!) of their time with loved ones. This is how we create confident, secure children who know how to trust life, themselves and their own precious little hearts.

Freedom Rebels Society

...a by invitation only membership community for mothers and fathers who are done abiding to rules of society that does not resonate at the deepest soul level, and who are ready to build a life that leaves you feeling truly happy and fulfilled as human beings, as a family.

The way only free people can ever experience fulfillment.

And freedom.... although available to almost all of us... must be claimed.

As with anything we wish to manifest, we must have a burning desire in our hearts to obtain it. And when you do, nothing will stand in your way of making it yours.

Freedom Rebels Society is here to support you in making the life of your dreams, yours.

This is your new society, a society where you create your own damn rules.

✔️ Open minded, free spirited parents who are ready and willing to share your unique beautiful energy in our group.

✔️ You do not need to have said no to traditional schooling, but you are absolutely inspired and curious about another way to live and educate your child/children.

✔️ You love the idea of living life completely on your own terms, and perhaps you're already doing it.

✔️ You're aware there are many rules and structures in society that are not very beneficial to children and family life.

✔️ You do not need to be anti-medicine nor anti-science, you do not need to have given birth at home nor breastfed for 3 years like I did. But be aware our society is 100% for medical freedom, and nobody should ever be forced to do things they do not feel good about. Rowan is a 100% vaccine-free child, and I too have not gotten any convid vaccine. The vaccines I myself got in my past were done when I was a child, and a few were taken later in life before I actually sat down to study the subject.

✔️ Any religion is welcome, ateists too, as long as you are open minded to spirituality. This life is essentially a spiritual journey, and without tapping into our spirit and our soul, we live very shallow lives. I speak from experience. A whole new extraordinary dimension of a life opened up before me when I allowed myself to tune into spirit. We are here to eperience it all, and the depth that is found in the energetic, spiritual realm is what takes our life to the next level.

✔️ Narrowminded people

✔️ You judge those who make different choices than yourself

✔️ You are not willing to grow your mind to live a more fulfilling life

✔️ It's important for you to follow the rules of society


You'll learn how to...

  • Build courage to stand up for what you believe in and the life you truly wish to live
  • Navigate life and the matrix as someone who has decided to create your own rules
  • Connect with your innermost dreams and gain clarity on what your soul truly desires
  • Listen to your heart and trust your intuition
  • Build and run businesses that support your family life and values
  • Cultivate confidence in pursuing your life mission/soul projects
  • Apply the strategy I’ve used to making sure I raise a confident, sure, harmonious child grounded in peace and love
  • Build deep connection with your child, regardless of any current challenge
  • Graciously work through the unique challenges that arise when raising a free, confident, empowered child
  • Create different passive income streams so you can spend even more time with your family
  • Live a life of utter freedom and flow as a single parent
  • Deal with pressure from family and others
  • Be strong and confident in your values and intentions
  • Design your very own dream life and how to make it all happen
  • Break generational patterns and become truly free from all that has held you back
  • Anchor in the power mindset that will carry you through any and all obstacles and challenges that may arise in life
  • Be the powerful person who decides it all
  • Get people to agree with you and have them accept you and your choices
  • Move into the version of you who gets to decide it all, confident and empowered
  • Be a global citizen on your own terms, and move around the world as you please, regardless if there's a plandemic roaring and regulations everywhere. Get the intel needed to dodge any and all regulations that you are not willing to participate in.
  • And so much more.....

As a member you have access to...

  • Our thriving, supportive private telegram group where you get to know Rowan, me and other freedom lovers from all over the world.

  • 1 inspirational monthly 60 min live zoom call with me on the topic of the month. These calls are recorded and will be saved in your members library. Join live to get a chance to ask me all of your burning questions.

  • 1 fun, monthly 40 min call with Rowan and me, perfect to bring your child/children if you like.
  • A rich library of guided meditations, activations, viceos and guides to support your sovereign journey of becoming increasingly more confident, free and empowered as a human being and parent.

Freedom Rebels Society is only open by application.

Apply for membership here

Or DM Taru directly ✨ here on Instagram

The current investment to join Freedom Rebels Society is €299 for the first month (this will likely increase soon), and €39 for each following month. You get direct access to our telegram group, your members library filled with supportive content, and you have 2 calls included in your first month. You may cancel your membership at any time.